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We offer a free video-coaching for fundraising, for startups seeking to raise capital through Business Angels or Venture Capital Funds. You may send us up to 5 specific questions until 3 days before your coaching via Email (address will be shared once you booked a time-slot). Our coaching will touch all relevant aspects of fundraising from equity-story, to financial plan, virtual data-room setup to valuation and transaction process. 


Berthold Baurek-Karlic is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with 10 years’ experience. He has been accompanying start-ups in different development phases for many years and raises millions for startups every year. He is president of the European Super Angels Club, founder and CEO of Venionaire Capital and the Business Angel Institute. He knows the start-up scene and its players like no other. His lectures at universities, at renowned accelerators and at large international events inspire hundreds (maybe even thousands) of participants every year.


In this online live 1:1 coaching, where we will touch aspects of theory and best practice. You will learn how to setup a fundraising process, through Venionaire Capital. We will introduce international standards for the valuation of private equity and venture capital investments (IPEV), and explain how we would structure a deal for you.

This online-coaching is available in GERMAN and ENGLISH.


There are no formal requirements for booking this workshop.This course is aimed at founders and every start-up which is interested in that topic.

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