1. Data Analysis in Excel

    1. Classic Data Analysis with Excel

    2. Excel Pivot Tables

    3. Limitations of Classic Data Analysis

  2. The Excel Data Model

    1. Using an Excel Data Model

    2. DAX

  3. Importing Data from Files

    1. Importing Data into Excel

    2. Shaping and Transforming Data

    3. Loading Data

  4. Importing Data from Databases

    1. Available Data Sources

    2. Previewing, Shaping, and Transforming Data

    3. Table Relationships and Hierarchies

    4. Loading Data

  5. Importing Data from Excel Reports

    1. Importing Data from Excel Reports

    2. Transforming Excel report Data

  6. Creating and Formatting Measures

    1. DAX

    2. Measures

    3. Advanced DAX Functions

  7. Visualizing Data in Excel

    1. Pivot Charts

    2. Cube Functions

    3. Charts for Cube Functions

  8. Using Excel with Power BI

    1. Power BI

    2. Uploading Excel Data to Power BI

    3. Power BI Mobile App

The main purpose of the course is to give students the ability to add BI techniques to Excel data analysis. The course goes beyond the capabilities of tables and charts and uses Pivot Charts, the Excel Data Model, and Power BI.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:

  • Explore and extend a classic Excel dashboard.

  • Explore and extend an Excel data model.

  • Pre-format and import a .CSV file.

  • Import data from a SQL Server database

  • Import data from a report.

  • Create measures using advanced DAX functions.

  • Create data visualizations in Excel.

  • Create a Power BI dashboard with Excel.
Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.

  • Working knowledge of relational databases.

  • Extensive knowledge of Excel spreadsheets including formulas, charts, filtering, sorting, and sub-totals.

  • Basic knowledge of data analytics equivalent to having attended course MOC10994 Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel.
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