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Wien, Österreich

Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower

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  1. Course introduction

    1. Introduce and review the course.

  2. Install Ansible Tower by Red Hat and describe its architecture

    1. Explain what Ansible Tower is and demonstrate a basic ability to navigate and use its web user interface.

  3. Create users and teams for role-based access control

    1. Create user accounts and organize them into teams that can be used in conjunction with role-based access control to manage administration and access to organization resources in Ansible Tower.

  4. Create and manage inventories and credentials

    1. Create inventories of machines to manage and set up credentials that will allow Ansible Tower to run jobs on those systems.

  5. Manage projects for provisioning with Ansible Tower

    1. Create basic projects and job templates in Ansible Tower that can be used to run Ansible playbooks in order to provision and configure managed systems.

  6. Construct advanced job workflows

    1. Use additional features of job templates to improve workflows by creating simple job launch forms, templates to launch multiple jobs in sequence, and to report job success or failure through external notification systems.

  7. Update inventories dynamically and compare inventory members

    1. Use advanced techniques to work with inventories, including dynamic generation of inventories from centralized information sources and monitoring of hosts in an inventory for configuration deviations or differences.

  8. Maintenance and administration of Ansible Tower

    1. Perform routine maintenance and administration on Ansible Tower and get a basic familiarity with the command line tools and Ansible Tower API.

  9. Comprehensive review of provisioning and managing systems using Ansible Tower

    1. Demonstrate skills learned in this course by using a provided specification to configure and operate a new organization in Ansible Tower with certain users and teams, an inventory of hosts to manage, and an Ansible project containing playbooks and other supporting files.


This course will teach students how to deploy and use Ansible Tower by Red Hat to manage their existing Ansible projects, playbooks, and roles, perform basic maintenance and administration of the Ansible Tower installation, and configure users and teams and use them to control access to systems, projects, and other resources through role-based access controls. Students will also learn to use the visual dashboard to centrally launch, control, and monitor Ansible jobs, use the Ansible Tower application programming interface (API) to launch jobs from existing templates, and automatically schedule Ansible jobs and update the host inventory.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:

  • Install Ansible Tower by Red Hat

  • Configure users and teams to access Ansible Tower resources using role-based access controls

  • Use Ansible Tower to manage shared access to inventories and machine credentials

  • Create job templates and workflow job templates to standardize playbook execution

  • Launch playbooks and monitor and review job results using Ansible Tower


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