There are two main components to the CELTA course: input and teaching practice. During the hands-on input sessions, you'll learn about teaching methodology and brush up on your language awareness, among other things. Teaching practice gives you a chance to create lesson plans and try out teaching approaches with real students. You'll get a significant amount of support from your tutors who are here to help you on your path to becoming a certified English Language Teacher. - The general principles and techniques of teaching and learning foreign languages - The English language: linguistic form, function, meaning and phonology - Analysing the English language for teaching purposes - Teaching and learning skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing - Class management, group work and individual work, learner motivation - Class techniques, presentation, practice, checking understanding, error analysis - Lesson planning, course planning, timetables and syllabuses - Teaching materials, textbooks, supplementary materials - Classroom aids and equipment, visual aids - Homework and self-study, testing and grading, examinations in English