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The Business Angel Institute early-stage investing training program covers the full lifecycle of early-stage investing, providing participants with professional knowledge for startup investments.

You get:

  1. guided home study which will typically take around 12 days of your time (flexibly at home)
  2. 8 full days of face-to-face masterclasses
  3. Instructions for practicing as well as feedback on your results
  4. 4 remote coaching session to clarify any open issues
  5. This package also prepares participants for taking the CBA (Certified Business Angel), the world’s first certification for individual angel investors (ISO 17024).

Specifically, you will learn:

  1. Basic concepts and understanding all the relevant actors in the early stage ecosystem
  2. Professionally structuring your investment process
  3. Finding high quality investment opportunities
  4. Advanced ways of screening the deal flow in a way consistent with your personal investment strategy
  5. How to approach the due diligence process
  6. Conducting a market and business due diligence
  7. Conducting a financial due diligence
  8. Conducting a legal due diligence
  9. How to approach negotiations with investment target companies
  10. Common deal terms and how they interact
  11. Structuring terms in typical investment documents
  12. How to approach and perform a pre-revenue company valuation
  13. The many possible roles an active investor can take
  14. How to approach the whole process of improving a portfolio company
  15. How to improve their teams
  16. How to improve their business models
  17. How to improve their strategies
  18. How to improve their marketing, sales, and business development
  19. How to scale structures and processes when companies grow
  20. How portfolio companies should be monitored (even when there is little active involvement)
  21. How to deal with companies when they raise further capital later on
  22. How to prepare for an exit early enough
  23. How to successfully execute an exit

As we are a non-profit association, we provide special discounts for students, companies or interested persons who have never invested before. 

For further information, please write us an email: program@businessangelinstitute.org


The training delivers specific best practices as well as underlying principles and a broad spectrum of perspectives. Even experienced angels will significantly expand their horizons and hone their methods, while newcomers gain a thorough understanding of the whole process. Representatives of organizations dealing with early stage investment issues and of the surrounding service industry have also found our training program useful in the past.

This training program prepares participants for the certification as CBA: The Certified Business Angel (CBA) is the world’s first independent, international certification of individual business angels (ISO 17024). It is a registered trademark and based on the verification of a candidate’s grasp of the standardized CBA Body of Knowledge.


There are no prerequisites necessary.

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