1. Preparing to Deploy Windows Server 2012

    1. Planning a Windows Server 2012 Implementation

    2. Installing Windows Server 2012

    3. Configuring and Managing Servers Remotely

    4. Securing a Windows Server 2012 Deployment

    5. Implementing a Volume Licensing Strategy

      1. Planning to Implement Windows Server 2012

      2. Configuring and Managing Server Core

  2. Deploying Windows Server 2012

    1. Selecting a Suitable Deployment Method

    2. Overview of Image Files in the Deployment Process

    3. The Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit

    4. Working with Unattended Answer Files

      1. Deploying Windows Server with Answer Files

  3. Using Windows Deployment Services

    1. Overview of Windows Deployment Services

    2. Implementing Deployment with Windows Deployment Services

    3. Administering Windows Deployment Services

      1. Using Windows Deployment Services

  4. Implementing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

    1. Overview of MDT 2013

    2. Configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

    3. Performing Lite-Touch Deployments

    4. Maintaining Images with MDT

    5. Performing Zero-Touch Deployments

      1. Implementing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

  5. Planning to Virtualize Workloads

    1. Overview of Microsoft Virtualization

    2. Evaluating the Current Environment for Virtualization

    3. Planning for Virtualization

      1. Planning to Virtualize Workloads

  6. Upgrading and Migrating Networking Services

    1. Migrating the DHCP Server Role

    2. Migrating the DNS Server Role

    3. Implementing IPAM

      1. Upgrading and Migrating Network Services

      2. Implementing IPAM

  7. Upgrading and Migrating Server Roles

    1. Upgrading and Migrating File Servers

    2. Migrating Web and Application Servers

      1. Migrating File Services

      2. Preparing and Migrating a Web Server

  8. Upgrading and Migrating AD DS

    1. Windows Server 2012 AD DS Upgrade and Migration Overview

    2. Upgrading Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2012

    3. Restructuring a Domain

      1. Upgrading AD DS to Windows Server 2012

  9. Migrating Additional Active Directory-Related Roles and Services

    1. Migrating AD CS

    2. Migrating AD FS

    3. Migrating AD RMS

    4. Overview of Windows Azure AD

    5. Implementing Windows Azure AD

      1. Migrating AD CS

      2. Implementing Windows Azure AD

Get hands-on instruction and practice deploying Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in this three-day Microsoft Official Course. In this course you will learn how to plan for and deploy your Windows Server infrastructure in both physical and virtual environments. You will learn about different deployment methodologies and techniques, and work with lite-touch and zero-touch deployment options, as well as general imaging usage and configuration. You will also learn how to use Windows Deployment Services and how to work with solution accelerators, such as the Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (Windows ADK), the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP), and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). These tools will help you increase your efficiency and reduce management overhead.
Before attending this course, students must have:
  • Knowledge and real-world experience working day to day with computers running the Windows Server and Windows operating systems in an enterprise environment.
  • Knowledge and experience with Active Directory services, such as AD DS, AD CS, and AD FS.
  • Experience working with Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
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