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Technology trends such as shared-service infrastructures, cloud computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things are all changing the way data is processed, stored, and used in enterprises. There is an increasing need for skilled enterprise storage architects and administrators. IT students and professionals seeking a career in the storage industry need to gain knowledge and skills to manage massive amounts of data in enterprise and cloud environments.

This computer science course seeks to provide learners with a basic understanding of enterprise data storage and management technologies. You will learn about different types of storage systems, storage networking technologies as well as concepts related to business continuity, storage security, and storage management.

This course will also cover key concepts related to cloud computing, and some of the new trends in the storage industry. The basic concepts covered in this course will enable learners to later explore each concept in greater detail.

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What you'll learn:

  • Storage system architecture
  • Overview of virtualization technologies
  • Storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS)
  • Business continuity and storage security
  • Storage infrastructure management processes
  • Overview of cloud computing

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