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Improving your eloquence 4 tips for reducing stage fright 5 tips for steering discussion Influencing the discussion with the question method What does your body language betray? 6 tips for successfully handling objections How to improve your vocabulary, style, and syntax What impression do I make on others? How do I protect myself against aggressive opponents? How can I recognize manipulation and predict behavior? 5 practical tips for successful speaking How do I bolster my expressiveness by speaking and writing? Making a speech (practice exercise) Training for the presence of mind and quick repartee The 5-sentence technique
The goal of this seminar is to improve one’s own eloquence and ability to speak persuasively. At the same time, the use and interpretation of the bodylanguage will be addressed. The seminar is practice-oriented and consists of a number of exercises.
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9 Freie Plätze
Buchbar bis Mi. 21. April 2021, 22:00
Stornierbar bis So. 18. April 2021, 22:00