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In this all-day workshop, you will work out your corporate financial plan individually with your trainer 1:1 online and will be made fit for the next financing round. 

The workshop provides basic knowledge and methods for the creation of financial plans, as well as the derivation of financial key figures (KPIs) from financial plans and the indispensable, solid, argumentation of assumptions to investors. Advanced topics such as company valuation, investment monitoring and reporting will be discussed on a case-by-case basis but will not be covered in depth. Specific attention will be paid to the "key performance indicators", which will quickly give investors a better understanding of their business model.

We make sure that the training is truly tailor-made and effective: the price also includes the required pre-workshop preparation time of your trainer (2 days), based on your individual business plan and a follow-up talk within 14 days after the workshop for max. 2 hours. Hence, you get a total of 3.5 days of an expert's attention and input on your individual business case.

This online-coaching is also available in GERMAN: http://bit.ly/StartUpBewertung1on1 


Martin Steininger is Senior Partner at Venionaire Capital and Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer at Venionaire Investment. The private equity expert has more than 15 years of management experience in this field, has an excellent network in the financial sector and has already successfully restructured and sold numerous companies.

  • Structure, standards and important tips for creating a financial plan.
  • Argumentation on assumptions and planning parameters.
  • Joint creation of a FAQ (typical questions and answers) for a finance plan.
  • Create simple reports for investors/banks.
  • What numbers do investors expect and why?

+ Valuable downloads


This workshop is designed for founders or business angels (without business management training). Basic knowledge in finance is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for this live online coaching.

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1 Freier Platz
Buchbar bis Mi. 3. März 2021, 22:59
Stornierbar bis Di. 2. März 2021, 23:00