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Moscow, Russische Föderation

Global Innovation Expert

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Program Objectives 
The aim of the program “Global Innovation Expert” is to increase participants´ understanding of how innovation processes are organized within enterprises, research organizations and regional/national ecosystems. The differences in innovation cultures of global regions will get them a deeper understanding about how to use these tools themselves and where the strengths and weaknesses are. 

The contents are made of
Ø the way other regions innovate
Ø the ecosystem that paves the way for future developments
Ø the cultural frameworks that speed up or slow down progress

After the course program and travelling with the classmates, participants will have a better understanding of the differences of innovation cultures between the respective regions. They learn to understand the elements of regional innovation systems and to compare and contrast structures and processes of innovation management in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA

Participant Mix
Participants are individuals interested in learning how different regions and cultures foster innovation. Business Unit Heads, Strategy and Business Development Manager, executives and experts who are responsible for strategy and innovation management in their companies, executives who want to expand their international networks, researchers who want to prepare themselves for increasing globalization in their sectors, business people who want to prepare themselves for a future management function.

LANGUAGE: English 
LOCATIONS: Cape Town, Moscow, Nairobi, San Francisco, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Vienna (flexible individual modules)

Innovation Orbit takes care of the transportation within the regions. The travel to the regions and between the regions as well as the hotel accomodation are not included in the fees. You can either arrange these logistics yourself or you can contact our travel partner „Tierra Incognita“ for support. http://www.tierra-incognita.at/



  • Understanding of Innovation Culture and Innovation Ecosystems
  • Contacts to fellow participants that come from different regions in the world

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