1. Overview of System Center 2016

    1. Overview of Configuration Manager.

    2. Overview of Operations Manager.

    3. Overview of Orchestrator.

    4. Overview of Data Protection Manager.

    5. Overview of Virtual Machine Manager.

    6. Overview of Service Manager.

  2. Overview of System Center 2016

    1. Configuration Manager Console.

    2. Operations Manager Console.

    3. Orchestrator Console.

    4. Data Protection Manager Console.

    5. Virtual Machine Manager Console.

    6. Service Manager Console.

  3. Upgrading to System Center 2016

    1. Upgrading Configuration Manager.

    2. Upgrading Operations Manager.

    3. Upgrading Orchestrator.

    4. Upgrading Data Protection Manager.

    5. Upgrading Virtual Machine Manager.

    6. Upgrading Service Manager.

  4. Integrating System Center 2016 with Operations Management Suite

    1. Integrating OMS with Operations Manager

  5. Introducing Operations Management Suite

    1. Core Concepts of Managing a Hybrid Cloud.

    2. Overview of Operations Management Suite.

    3. Overview of Log Analytics.

    4. Overview of Solution Packs.

    5. Overview of OMS Licencing.

    6. Overview of Azure Tenants.

    7. Overview of Azure Subscriptions.

  6. Configuring Operations Management Suite

    1. Configuring the OMS Workspace using the OMS Portal.

    2. Configuring an OMS Workspace through an existing Azure subscription.

    3. Configure Connected Sources.

    4. Configure Data Sources.

    5. Configure Computer Groups.

    6. Configure Accounts.

    7. Configure Other Features.

    8. Configuring OMS PowerShell.

  7. Configuring Automation and Control

    1. Configuring the Change Tracking Solution Pack.

    2. Configuring the Update Management Solution Pack.

  8. Operating Automation and Control

    1. Operate the Change Tracking Solution.

    2. Operate the Update Management Solution.

  9. Overview of Insight and Analytics

    1. Overview of Network Performance Monitor.

    2. Overview of Service Maps.

  10. Configuring Insight and Analytics

    1. Configuring the Network Performance Monitor Solution Pack.

    2. Configuring the Service Map Solution Pack.

  11. Operating Insight and Analytics

    1. Operating the Network Performance Monitoring Solution Pack.

    2. Operating the Service Map Solution Pack.

  12. Overview of Protection and Recovery

    1. OMS Backup

    2. OMS Azure Site Recovery

  13. Configuring Protection and Recovery

    1. Configuring OMS Backup

    2. Configuring OMS Azure Site Recovery

  14. Operating Protection and Recovery

    1. Operate OMS Backup

    2. Operate OMS Azure Site Recovery

  15. Overview of Security and Compliance

    1. Overview of OMS Antimalware Assessment.

    2. Overview of OMS Security and Auditing.

  16. Configuring Security and Compliance

    1. Configuring the Security and Compliance Solution Pack.

    2. Configuring Antimalware Assessments.

  17. Operating Security and Compliance

    1. Operating the Antimalware Assessment Solution.

    2. Operating the Security and Audit Solution.

This five-day course will provide students with the key knowledge required to deploy and configure Operations Management Suite.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:

  • Understand the components and features of System Center 2016.

  • Upgrade System Center 2012 R2 to System Center 2016.

  • Integrate System Center 2016 with Operations Management Suite.

  • Configure base settings in Operations Management Suite.

  • Configure and operate Automation and Control in Operations Management Suite.

  • Configure and operate Insight and Analytics in Operations Management Suite.

  • Configure and operate Protection and Recovery in Operations Management Suite.

  • Configure and operate Security and Compliance in Operations Management Suite.
Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:

  • 1 year's experience of System Center 2012 R2 or System Center 2016.

  • Working knowledge of SQL Server 2012, 2014, or 2016.

  • Working knowledge of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.
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