Being a skillful negotiator is essential for successful managers working in the public, private and non-profit sectors, particularly in todays globalized economy. Not only in commercial deal making but also inside organizations, enterprises and networks, where formal authority is often insufficient for advancing policy goals, negotiation skills are vital in order to mobilize coalitions across diverse interest groups and reach agreements that are acceptable to a broad range of stakeholders. This one-day course introduces you to the theory and practice of negotiation, incorporating both analytical and interpersonal skill sets.

  • Topics covered include 
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Principled vs. positional negotiations
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • BATNA, ZOPA, Anchoring and De-Anchoring
  • The roles of culture and gender in negotiations

Students will learn how to prepare for negotiations, to use and counter negotiation tactics, to avoid common mistakes and to optimize results. The training consists of theoretical input and practical exercises in pairs and teams. 

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  • To understand the differences between positional and principled negotiations;
  • To be familiar with the role of power in negotiations
  • To understand the role of third parties in negotiation
  • To know how to prepare efficiently for a negotiation
  • To know the main tactics at the negotiation table
  • To familiarize with negotiation techniques in case studies and simulation exercises
  • To know how to avoid common mistakes
  • To apply the skills in practical exercises in pairs and teams

English Level C

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