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  • Getting to know various leadership styles and understanding their impact on the relationship between superior and employee 
  • Increase awareness of leadership behaviour with the help of leadership related role plays 
  • Basic knowledge in various kinds of leadership styles
  • Fundamentals in knowledge of human nature relevant for leadership behaviour
  • Communication techniques applicable to leadership 
  • Motivation of employees: Prerequisite for a successful cooperation 
  • Compliment and criticism as a means of leadership
  • Creation of free space to be used in a creative way by leaders and employees 
  • Establish a dense communication network with and among employees
  • Effectuate consent and conflict resolution 
  • Getting to know various types of conflict occuring in day-to-day work life in order to avoid, resolve or carry out a conflict
  • Familiarise with the prerequisites for a timely and staff-focused leadership style 
  • Reflection and self-criticism of own behaviour and its effect on others


The training explains and discusses major kinds of leadership behaviour. Seminar participants are given the opportunity to review and to optimise own leadership behaviour. Participants learn to lead others more successfully and tackle and reach personal goals more forcefully as well as to assess the impact of own leadership behaviour on others.


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D. Busuioc, WILO SE am 18.10.2017

I particularly liked the trainerŽs expertise applied to highlight essential requirements for being a successful manage.