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Working with the Ribbon; Tipps to increase your Efficiency; Important basic Functions like SUM and AVERAGE; Customizing the Status Bar; Conditional Formatting; Sorting and Filtering; Relative and absolute Cell References; Partial Summation; IF-THEN-ELSE Function; Create and edit Diagrams; Sparklines; Freeze Panel; Quick Analysis (Version 2013); New Chart Types (Version 2016); Setup Printing;
The Participants of this practical orientated Training learn the basic Setting with Microsoft Excel. You learn how to calculate your Business Data with simple Formulas and Functions, create Tables efficiently, transform your Data into reliable graphical Results via Diagrams and the new Sparklines and prepare the Printing of your Tables. Filtering and Sorting your Data and working with Features as conditional Formatting expand your knowledge to use Microsoft Excel for your daily business. Further on you get to know the newest Features of Microsoft Excel like six new Chart Types for a professional visualization of your data.
General working with Microsoft Windows
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590,00 €Gesamt inkl. 20% Ust.