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Nintex Forms and Mobile

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  1. Introduction to Nintex forms

    1. Introduction to Nintex forms 2013

    2. Feature overview

    3. Types of form

    4. Form controls

  2. Getting started with Nintex forms

    1. Using the form design interface

    2. Building basic forms

    3. Grids, guides and snap

    4. Form size

    5. Undo, version history and preview

    6. Save, publish and delete

    7. Form redirect

    8. Demonstrations of Forms in:

    9. Lists

    10. Libraries

    11. Workflows

  3. Building Rich Forms

    1. Nintex Workflow start forms

    2. Repeating sections and List Lookups

    3. Using rules to hide or disable part of a form with panels

  4. Form Styles

    1. Edit individual forms

    2. Logo

    3. Background

    4. Borders

    5. Control settings including borders, colours and fonts

    6. Rules to apply conditional formatting

    7. Advanced form Styles

    8. Update the form template

    9. Cascade style sheet

  5. Mobile Forms

    1. Introduction to Nintex Live and Nintex Mobile

    2. Form Layouts for Mobile devices

    3. Mobile specific form controls

    4. Add photos

    5. Add video

    6. Add location

    7. Complete forms while offline


This one day instructor-led course will show you how to use Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile to customize forms for use in SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2013.

Nintex Forms 2013 makes it easy to create and complete engaging forms in the browser without the need for code. The course begins with an Introduction to Nintex Forms explaining where forms can be created and the terminology used to describe forms.

Next you will see how simple forms can be created quickly and easily followed by a series of progressively more dynamic forms working with data from lists, libraries and workflows to reveal the full potential of the product.

Once you have mastered the components used to build forms next we turn our attention to the look and feel of the forms learning how to customize the branding of individual forms including backgrounds and logos to ensure that your forms match your corporate branding. We will also show you how to modify the templates that are used to define new forms.

The course concludes by showing you how to make your forms available to fill in outside of your SharePoint environment with the use of Nintex Live and Nintex Mobile.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:

  • Create forms for use in SharePoint lists and libraries

  • Create forms for use in Nintex Workflow

  • Use the rich features of Nintex forms such as repeating sections and calculations

  • Customize the branding of forms- including logos and color scheme

  • Publish forms to Nintex Live and Mobile so they can be completed by users and offline


Für dieses Seminar werden folgende Kenntnisse empfohlen:

  • Anyone can attend this class but a prior knowledge of using SharePoint as a Site Owner would be advantageous.

  • If you wish to use Nintex Forms with Nintex Workflow and are not an experienced user of Nintex Workflow you will benefit from attending our 3 day Nintex Workflow 2013 course prior to the Nintex Forms course.

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