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Training course content

  • Power up your personal impact – especially in spontaneous situations
  • Use your voice and diction to raise attention levels and reinforce your arguments (dictaphone check!)
  • Let your messages take effect with consistent target group focus
  • Use dramatic pauses to let your messages take effect
  • Use key gestures to anchor your main message(s) in your audience's mind
  • Convince and inform in just 3 minutes: HPS Blitz-Info and HPS Blitz-Proposal
  • Spontaneous speaking with no time to prepare: the HPSpresso® Method
  • Objections, interruptions and attacks: keep the relationship level intact
  • Professionally manage questions and objections
  • Comprehensive training material, practical tools and the HPS app

Training methods

  • Working on topics from your own professional experience (use the seminar to prepare for real upcoming business situations and save time)
  • Participants bring a short presentation on their own notebook to the training session
  • Individual learning: we work at a level of intensity tailored to the speed of the group
  • Up to 16 video recordings per participant - stress free video analysis and a personal SD card to document progress
  • Highest amount of practice and feedback possible through peer learning and multi-component feedback
  • Entertraining®: learning with the fun factor driven by tangible progress
  • Intensive training with energiser modules

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2 days of intensive training with up to six participants
Day 1: 09:00 – 19:30
Day 2: 08:30 – 17:00

Impressum & AGB: https://www.hps-training.com/de/impressum.html

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