Tourism and leisure organizations are very complex service industries where consumer orientation is extremely important. This course provides basic information on current topics in the areas of tourism and leisure psychology and consumer behavior. Psychological concepts are discussed with respect to issues of consumer behavior, and aspects of tourism marketing are analyzed from a psychological standpoint.

The main topics of the course are:

  • Consumer behavior basics
  • Tourist behavior
  • Sources of travel behavior data
  • Types of sources / studies in tourism and leisure
  • Psychological concepts: motivation, attitudes, awareness & images; acceptance
  • Information behavior, Choice, and Decision
  • Marketing and industry issues: segmentation, brands; advertising

Course Structure:

A MODUL University professional seminar is divided into three sections, allowing for maximum flexibility.

  1. Pre-Module phase: a two week e-learning period where participants are required to study reading material at home
  2. Core-Module phase: a two day seminar on MU Vienna’s campus
  3. Post-Module phase: a 2-4 week e-learning period where participants are required to complete a project or paper at home

Total course time is approximately one month, while the required on-campus seminar time is two days.


Dr. Martin Lohmann is full professor for Consumer Psychology with the University of Lüneburg and managing and research director at the Institute for Tourism and Recreational Research in Northern Europe, Kiel, Germany. Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the Institute for Experimental Business Psychology at the Leuphana University. His research interests are in the field of consumer behaviour in tourism and market research (e.g. themes trends, impacts, and recreation), tourism market research (e.g. guest surveys, image analyzation), applied research and consulting (e.g. for tourism companies and organizations, vacation destinations and regions and national and international institutions).


Participants will acquire broad knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior in tourism and leisure. They will connect issues of tourism marketing to the underlying psychological leisure aspects and vice versa. They will be able to describe and explain tourist behavior through their new knowledge of leisure psychology.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • have an overview of the topics of consumer behavior/psychology in tourism and leisure
  • be familiar with the actual development of tourism demand and assumptions for underlying reasons
  • understand the basics of tourism and tourist behavior
  • complete an entire research project plan
  • exercise the development of a survey instrument
  • train pre-test activities and appropriate adjustments
  • conceptualize carefully field work associated with a research project
  • write a team project report


Participation in all three phases of the professional seminar (pre-, core- and post-module) leads to a certification, with the possibility to transfer the credits earned to a degree program (e.g. MBA program). All study programs and seminars are accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (AQ) Austria.


DI Dr. Verena Peer
MBA Program Manager
MODUL University Vienna
Am Kahlenberg 1, 1190 Wien
T: +43 (1) 3203555 302

  • Proof of an undergraduate university degree with a minimum duration of three years or completion of an equivalent degree relevant to the content of the study programme
  • A minimum of three years professional experience
  • Proof of English proficiency for non-native speakers (for detailed information please visit
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