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The coaching is divided in two sessions of 3 hours each for a total of 6 hours.

During the 1st session, we have a 1 hour workshop where we cover the elements of storytelling, communication, and presentations, making this our theoretical framework. 

We then continue with an assessment of your presentation needs, setting clear goals for our work together. 

Lastly and more importantly, we begin to work on the content of your message, from where exercises will be given for improvement until the following session.

During the 2nd session, we evaluate your progress and move on to work on your delivery of the message (body language and voice). We also give special attention to your visual aids (mainly slides) and how to use the space to your advantage.

Finally we bullet proof your story through role playing exercises, making sure that you are prepared for unforseen events.

# of Participants: 1 – 2 (pitcher/founder + another team member)

More information at http://juanguerra.net

This coaching is done in English.


Every situation requires a different story, that is why with this coaching you will learn:

  • Most important elements of Storytelling.
  • Key tips and tricks that quickly improve your presentations.
  • How to master the speaker's mindset.
  • How to look, be, and feel more confident when communicating.
  • How to simplify your message.
  • How to keep the audience interested.
  • How to get your message accross.
  • How to understand your audience.
  • How to quickly adapt your stories to make them relevant to your audience.

The framework of this coaching has been designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to take their communication skills to the next level with professional help.

Although not clearly defined, you should have a general understanding of your product and your target market.

497,00 €Gesamt inkl. Ust