• Phases of negotiations and meetings
  • Developing negotiation-strategies
  • The search for integrating solutions for negotiations 
  • Five important points for every negotiation
  • How to deal with difficult opponents 
  • The important role of emotions in negotiations and meetings 
  • The influence of certain personality traits of the participants
  • The important differentiation between short- and long-term results 
  • Traps and dead ends during negotiations
  • Objective and rational or emotional and aggressive? 
  • Concepts for negotiations: Harvard Concept, non-directive concept by Carl Rogers, the win-win concept by Thomas Gordon 
  • How to steer the tension level during negotiations 
  • Hard when negotiating, friendly when talking personally 
  • Negotiations with several partners
  • Important methods of meeting and conference techniques 
  • How to ensure results Minutes, Summary 
  • Record and Report
Negotiations always require a specialized knowledge regarding the debate‘s subject. Furthermore they require a profound knowledge of techniques and tactics to carry through ideas and objectives. In this workshop techniques necessary to participate successfully in negotiations, meetings and conferences will be described.
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