The workshop will includes an interactive presentation and practiceexamples with ultrasound movies, role plays and a short Hands On Session, andwe will debate lectures and practical demonstrations by the interpretation ofvarious ultrasound images of some applications of the Point of CareUltrasonography in Family Medicine.Participants will enter the ultrasoundsemiology data on various smart softwares, that we will present, as a tool ofsupport for unqualified doctors in PoC-US. These Smart Ultrasound Software aredesigned by us in the form of a modern diagnostic algorithm and represent apremiere in the PoC-US field.

Expected results: Participants will receive information and practical adviceregarding the PoC-US new applications in the practice of family doctors.


The Point of Care Ultrasonography - performedby the clinician at the site of patient care, both in the medical office or at home,is an important tool to guide the case management for the early diagnosis withtargeted purpose. It represents basically, an extension and complement, toclinical examination of the physician, to achieve an accurate positive anddifferential diagnosis. PoC-US is now an investigation in development, who cancomplement physical examination of the family doctors, and can guide the casemanagement to the bedridden patients. We need training and quality standards,to ensure us, that this will be done in a way with positive benefits for ourpatients, being useful, to the implementation of ultrasound standards andpractice guidelines of the primary care level. It involves personal contactbetween doctor and patient at "bedside", it is a fast in real time method,repetitive, cheap and harmless but dependent on the experience and expertise ofthe examiner. A new opportunity for PoC-US represents the application in primarycare of the medical projects related to „telemedicine” connections amongspecialists and family doctors for enhanced patient management. TheEducational needs of GPs on the new methods and technologies are increasing,but the resources and infrastructure are limited now. It is thus necessary,collaboration among the family physicians trainers or academics, on the onehand, and to the other, of the specialty physicians in the preparation andcontinuing medical education in family medicine. Early diagnosis can help to savemany patients in primary care, based on notions of good clinical practice.Therefore, we will involve, to inform family physicians about the latest diagnosticand treatment protocols in clinical ultrasound.Lecturers: Mihai IACOB, Alina POPESCU, Ilse HELLEMANN.1.Dr. Mihai IACOB, MD,, Department of Research inPrimary Care, Ultrasound Working Group / President of EUVEKUS /EADUS, Vienna, Austria.2. Dr. Alina Popescu, MD, Assoc. Prof., President of The RomanianSociety of Ultrasonography in Medicine and Biology, WFUMB Center ofEducation, EFSUMB Ultrasound Learning Centre, Department ofGastroenterology and Hepatology"Victor Babeş" University of MedicineandPharmacyTimişoara, Romania.3. Dr. Ilse Hellemann, MD, Lecturer of the Department of GeneralPractice and Family Medicine, Medical University Graz, Austrian nationalrepresentative to the council of the European Society of GeneralPractice/Family Medicine, Wonca-Europe and EURACT.Participants: Family doctors, Specialist Physicians, Health care professionalsand scientific researchers.

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