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Wien, Österreich

We Believe in Angels - The Role of Social Ties in Venture Finance

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Finance is not just about numbers: It’s also about social ties and trust!

The Business Angel Institute, Dr. Matthias Fink (IFI Institute for Innovation Management at JKU Linz) and Dr. Giuseppe Delmestri (Institute for Change Management and Management Development at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business) invite to an exciting evening with Dr. Andrea Moro.

Dr. Moro conducts research at the University of Leicester School of Management. In addition, he is member of the board of directors of two real estate development firms and advises a leading Italian insurance company on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Drawing on recent research focused on Europe he will explain relationship-specific aspects, such as the gender of the firm’s management and the trust between investors/banks and the firms, and explain how they affect the access to finance. Relevant publications include:

  • Howorth C, Moro A (2012): Trustworthiness and interest rates: an empirical study of Italian SMEs. Small Business Economics, 39 (1) 161-177.
  • Moro A, Fink M, Kautonen T (2014): How do banks assess entrepreneurial competence? The role of voluntary information disclosure. International Small Business Journal, 32 (5) 525-544.
  • Moro A, Fink M (2013): Loan managers - trust and credit access for SMEs. Journal of Banking & Finance, 37 (3) 927-936.

While the content presented at the event will be well-grounded in research, it will be delivered in a generally understandable way so that you benefit as a practitioner.