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Wien, Österreich

What Investors Really Want to Hear in Your Pitch

Es tut uns leid, die Veranstaltung ist derzeit nicht online buchbar!


A Startup’s pitch is a short and powerful presentation of products and businesses. It serves as the best ambassador for your company, one which has an immense influence on success or failure.

Founders often pitch their idea on a daily basis and have to convince time after time a wide range of stakeholders - their own employees, potential customers, suppliers, partners, and investors. 

If you want to have a chance to convince investors about your idea, you should be able to explain it and get investors hooked in two minutes – no longer than an elevator ride. However, the sad truth is that many founders of highly promising companies fail to communicate their idea in a convincing manner. The good news is - you can learn how to pitch your idea in the very best way possible. Two experts have joined forces in order to give you the best of advice especially for pitching in front of international Investors:

Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Serial Investor and Entrepreneur, has accompanied for many years startups in different stages of development. He knows exactly what it takes to share your idea in the best way possible!


  • Theory & Psychology : How do I inspire?
  • „The Perfect Pitch – A Fool’s Guide to Pitching“
  • The structure of a pitch
  • Training of killer one-liners ( How do I manage to captivate my audience with only one sentence?)
  • How to create a consistent and convincing presentation
  • Dealing with anxiety and nervousness
  • Pitch & Feedback

Language: English (on request: German) / Duration: 3h / After you booked the course, you will be provided with a link for choosing your preferred date for the workshop.