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Wien, Österreich

Windows: Detecting and Removing Malware for IT PROs

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  1. Introduction to malware:

    1. This module provides an overview of malware types, how do users get malware and the Future of Malware

  2. Detecting Malware:

    1. In this module, you will be presented with techniques and approach methodologies that are useful in different detecting scenarios, such as Configuring malware static analysis, dynamic analysis, malware autostart locations

  3. Monitoring for malware:

    1. This module covers the current challenges with event monitoring and introduce a better strategy using built-in tools and Sysinternals tools

  4. Pass the hash technique:

    1. This module focuses on Malware Spreading using Pass-The-Hash attacks, how to detect and mitigate

  5. Removing Malware:

    1. This module focuses on malware cleaning Steps, and general malware Mitigations techniques


This Workshopsession provides participants with the basic knowledge and understanding of the advanced detection and removing malware for IT PROs gives the techniques and tools needed to identify and remove malware on Windows Server and Windows Client environments. The Seminar is delivered via slides and live demos, where the focus of the delivery is on live demos of the tools accompanied with the instructor explanations.

Key Features and Benefits

    Each group of modules is organized by scenario and is designed to provide participants with in-depth expertise, tools and hands-on experience of how to use advanced techniques to detect and remove malware

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Detecting malware

  • Understand how malware gets onto your environment

  • Understand how malware operates

  • Removing malware

  • Effective approach to cleaning most modern malware


The basic concepts and know-how of the product will not be covered in this course, and it is expected that attendees will already possess that knowledge

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