1. Installation and Upgrade

    1. Installation flow changes

    2. Upgrade strategy

    3. Upgrading the XenApp and XenDesktop site

    4. Upgrading Provisioning Services target devices

    5. Delivery platform updates

  2. StoreFront Management

    1. Store centered management

  3. • Delegated authentication improvements

    1. Self-service Password Reset

    2. Federated Authentication Service

    3. Non-Domain joined StoreFront considerations

  4. Provisioning

    1. MCS I/O optimization configuration and considerations

    2. MCS thick clones configuration

    3. Provisioning Services performance enhancements

    4. Provisioning Services Boot Device Manager enhancements

    5. Upgrading vDisks to VHDX

  5. Application Management

    1. Application centered management

    2. New resource delivery capabilities

    3. Delivering App-V applications through Citrix Studio

    4. Advanced application configuration in Citrix Studio

  6. Application Layering and Assessment

    1. AppDisk architecture

    2. Configuring AppDisks

    3. Analyzing AppDisks with AppDNA

    4. AppDisk layering considerations

  7. Zone Architecture

    1. Zones in FMA

    2. Configuring primary and satellite zones

    3. Zone design considerations

    4. Zone failure scenarios

    5. Zone Preference

  8. Operations and Monitoring

    1. Integrating Microsoft System Center Operations Manager with Citrix Director

    2. Configuring notifications and alerts in Citrix Director

    3. Improved Director interface for monitoring trends

    4. Enhanced reboot scheduling in Citrix Studio

    5. Citrix Call Home

    6. Introduction to the Citrix SCOM management packs

Designed for students with previous XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 (Long Term Service Release) experience, who are interested in learning about new functionality and leading practices for the latest XenApp and XenDesktop releases. Learn about architectural changes, management enhancements,
and how to get the most out of the latest versions of XenApp and XenDesktop through real world scenarios. Students will have access to hands-on exercises within a virtual lab environment to configure and test features including AppDisks with AppDNA, Zones, and new publishing capabilities.
At the end of this course students will be prepared to upgrade their environments and deliver new functionality to end users.

Nach Abschluss dieses Seminars haben die Teilnehmer Wissen zu folgenden Themen:

  • Understand the upgrade process and installation improvements in XenApp and XenDesktop

  • Understand XenApp and XenDesktop zones with zone preference and how to configure them

  • Understand the architecture of AppDisks, how they are configured, and how to validate them using AppDNA

  • Describe and implement the improvements to MCS including caching and thick clone support

  • Manage and deliver App-V applications and isolation groups directly through Citrix Studio

  • Use the new Store focused administration console in Citrix StoreFront

  • Describe the new delegated authentication service

  • Manage applications in Citrix Studio using the applications and tags nodes

  • Utilize new features in Citrix Director including alerts and trend and resource reports

  • Describe the performance and administrative enhancements to Provisioning Services
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