The Train the Trainer Program prepares new partners for launching the Business Angel Institute in their region.

  • It consists of 4 full coaching days with experienced trainers of our Institute.
  • The price is in total for all persons taking part.
  • After booking - dates will be arranged personally with the Business Angel Institute. Partners can decide if they are doing the Train the Trainer Program in Vienna or if we should send trainers to their respective home country. In the second case, costs for travel and accommodation will be charged additionally.
  • All costs of the Train the Trainer Program will be deducted from the Business Angel Institute royalities generated from the partner's conducted training program. Therefore, partners will recover all their costs related to the training of their trainers.
  • For further details please contact the Business Angel Institute directly or consult our Partnership Brochure.

Prepare Partners of the Business Angel Institute to launch our Early-stage Investors Training Program in their respective region.

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