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Ideal for founders who are ready for action and want to get started with their preparation process.

in this virtual_lab we focus on the funding process: Where should you start, what kinds of investors are there, how do you find the right one and which documents do you need to prepare in advance so you are ready for every phase of the investor negotiations?

  • Where to start the funding process
  • What does the overall funding process look like
  • Types of investors (Angel, VC, Corporate VC, ...)
  • How to find the right investor (how to profile investors)
  • Which documents you need to prepare (from financial plan to investment teaser)
  • The contacting process and the outreach phase


Access all the presented material on our platform

Everything that we talk about in the video is also available on our key2investors.com platform and with the purchase of the virtual_lab you'll get full access for 14 days. This allows you to go through everything at your own pace and whenever you have time.

Ask questions in our live Q&A sessions

  • We hold live Q&A sessions about once a month. Ask our startup expert Petra Wolkenstein anything you want to know about getting investor-ready! Note: You can schedule your online Q&A session after the purchase.

Full access to the key2investors.com platform included

  • Full access for 14 days is included with your purchase of the virtual_lab.



  • The webinar is aimed at founders who are first-time raisers whose companies are making revenue (or are close to it).
  • The presented fund-raising process is suitable for all industries.

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