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Hamstring Injuries!

Get rid of them!

Hamstring problems are among the most common muscle injuries in sprint and jump related sports! 

Professional clubs are investing a lot amount of money and time into preventing such sprains.

For a long time the S&C world had two answers to that: 

1) test and train Nordics and

2) achieve a certain number of sprints per week

Unfortunately this didn’t solve the problem for some players (or even in general)! 

This leads to the following questions:

  1. Why is it, that some players are prone to that kind of injury?
  2. How can we predict such injuries?
  3. How can we train it sufficiently?

In this FREE ONLINETALK our expert Johan Lahti will lead you through the actual research on hamstring injuries, diagnostics and training.

He is a leading expert in this field, who combines the knowledge of a scientist and more than 10 years of experience as a S&C coach!

Don’t miss this opportunity, you can even ask questions at the end of this LIVE webinar.



(UTC +2)

10:00-11:30 AM | Hamstring Injury Prevention - Diagnostics & Training

11:30-12:00 AM | Q&A with Johan Lahti


This is why you should attend this course:

  •   Learn what good sprint mechanics are 
  •  Dig into objective parameters you can measure to support your exercise selection
  •  Figure out strategies to analyse running patterns
  •  Benefit from Joe`s experience, ask questions and connect to other coaches and our network
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