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Efficient propulsion systems are key for saving renewable energies and play an important role on our way to sustainable mobility. Collaboration throughout scientific disciplines, supply chains and national borders fosters can be an accelaroter for the mobility and energy transition, which is one goal of the A3PS Eco Mobility Conference. Founded in 2006, the platform A3PS successfully connected important mobility players, scientists, politicians and automotive industry from small to multi-billion-companies all over Austria.


Goals are set, directions clear, but many paths claim to lead to a carbon neutral future. Which are to be pursued? To better understand the complexity and interdependencies that challenge the transport transformation, we ought to exchange knowledge on a most broad level. From primary material production over the whole production chain to the energy carriers, from passenger mobility to commercial vehicles and from production to recycling, all impacts need to be taken into account. Of course, this important task cannot be solved by one nation single-handedly but in cooperation with experts and policy makers from all over Europe.


On November 24th and 25th, 2022, the 17th International A3PS Conference will bring together leading representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy to discuss the actual development and market introduction of efficient propulsion concepts and sustainable energy carriers.

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€800.00Price incl. VAT