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Valencia, Spain

Super intensive (25h/week) / +DELE/ +Business course

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Super Intensive Spanish language course:

- Starts every Monday
- 25 hours a week
- 5 lessons per day
- Monday to Friday
- Available for all levels
- Addressed to everyone

The course consists of 20 lessons per week of standard Spanish that you associate with one of the following three options:
- 5 extra lessons of Spanish language per week
- or 5 Spanish Business lessons per week
- or 5 DELE preparation lessons per week

All students receive individual guidance that includes:
- An interview in addition to the placement test
- Personal information about your placement test and recomendations of exercices to improve your level of Spanish
- Clear weekly objectives that you discuss with your teacher
- Continuous assessment of your learning progress
- A certificate with an accurate description of your knowledge of the Spanish language.


This course is addressed to everyone. However, we especially recommend it to students or professionals who want to progress in a very short period of time.

With this super intensive language course, you will develop language skills according to the selected option:
- You will improve your level of Spanish
- You will improve your level of Business Spanish
- You will be prepared for the DELE exam

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