Offer live webinars & webcasts with Zoom™ and Webex™ in 5 steps

Select the type "Webinar"
You can freely choose from over 20 types of offers.
Define the time
Add start date, end time & registration periods with one click.
Set the format "Online" and the webinar tool
Live webinar streaming via Cisco Webex™ & Zoom™ API or own solution.
Start the live stream directly from your dashboard
Get started without further installation or registration.
Share the registration link with one click
Share publicly or privately or embed in your own website via widgets.
test 30 days free of charge

You do not need a credit card for the trial period!

Advantage over your competition

You can get started with live video sessions right away and your attendees will get access to their personal webinar/webcast link right after booking and in nifty reminders.

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Professional Webinar Management

Secure & personalized participant streaming URLs

Automated payment & billing

„Live“ Webinar Streaming via Cisco Webex™ & Zoom™ API