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courseticket GmbH


Apollogasse 4, Top 1-2
1070 Vienna







Form of Organization


Registered Office


Registration court

Handelsgericht Wien

Section / Profession

Management consulting and information technology, IT-Services / Internet and general trade; mailorder business

Business Purpose

1) Providing IT- Services
2) Organizing seminars and trainings
3) Trading hardware and software and computer accessories
4) Participation in activities with the same or similar business objectives
5) Establishing branch offices in Austria and abroad

Managing Director

DI Alexander Schmid

Commercial Regulations


Code of Conduct


Owner, editor and publisher

courseticket GmbH

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Customer Support: Mo - Fr, 09:30 to 17:00
Email: support@courseticket.com
Tel.: +43 (0)660 778 779 0

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